Look Great In Every Photo With The Abs After 40 Fitness Program

Posted on Thu 14 April 2016 in misc

What's Abs After 40 Program?

abs after 40 benefitsAbs after 40 program is a fitness and nutrition program basically for men, 40 years and above. Applies to men who want to have the six pack abs and physically look good. At this age some men may have might have belly fat, lean muscles and bulky parts of the body which they may not like. Abs after 40 programs are the best solution to this.

The program helps to increase the production of the testosterone hormone that is responsible for muscle building and body fat regulation. But when the correct hormone level and balance is achieved, it concentrates on body weight exercises, weight lifting and high intensity style cardiovascular exercise in the areas where most fat is stored in men at the age of 40.

Why Is It So Hard For Men At 40?

Men, 40 years and above may experience difficulties taking exercises, comparatively not as at 20’s right? But why? Because; there is decline/lower production of testosterone in the body that helps maintain body fitness.

Other reasons may include; time factor, stress, increased responsibility and general body weakness.

What Does The Program Include?

Phase one: In this phase the program intends to break the unbalanced hormones that make your body store fat, especially in your stomach. Unbalanced hormones make the body store large quantities of fat in areas around the stomach. If the belly fat is removed then it will be much easier to work out, results will be more notable. The training techniques will keep your fat off, and exercise of the body stimulates the production of testosterone hormone that is responsible for burning fat. It also helps activate the function of the body joints.

Phase two: This step entails optimization of the male hormone. The hormone balance every workout will give a quicker and lean muslce growth, boost the revocery of joints, and increases the sex drive for men that may have started to extinct due to the decline of the testosterone production. It does this by targeting large amounts of muscles that help balance hormones

Phase three: This last phase focuses on you achieving a muscular body and a complete set of six pack abs. The exercise effects appear, and fats burn quite faster, and the body starts gaining the desired shape. This phase is all about seeing the results of your hard work, and to keep working out strongly to reach your desired body.

The Pros And The Cons

• Facilitates metabolic rate in the body, hence gaining and maintaining a healthy physical appearance.
• Naturally increases the testosterone production in the body.

• Reduces the chances of joint dislocation in the case of minor accidents.

Abs after 40 programs have no major cons. The cons are conjunction with your attitude towards the program. You have to be committed to the program system for it to work out. Think about it logically.

In conclusion in this abs after 40 review, for the program to work out well for you, you have to be dedicated to it. Because it is not easy to attain a physically fit and sexy body without total sacrifice.